The engine of communities across the USA is creativity. If not for the makers, the communities would be less vibrant, the human experience less enriching, our daily lives less full. Commonstate is a tribute to creative thinkers in every community who believe that a culture of creativity is a better culture for all.

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A chance encounter with Fly Kiid Chris

Let me preface this article by letting you know that until late December, I had never used Twitter for anything outside of technological mumbo-jumbo. It's not that I was opposed to Twitter, or that I was even avoiding it. Until recently, I hadn't published any tweets yet, so I was a little surprised when someone followed me shortly after I signed up. Your first follower is usually someone like a friend or a significant other, right?

Mine was Fly Kiid Chris. Real name Chris Foreman. A rapper from the Bronx. His 133,000 plus followers looked gargantuan in comparison mine. With his bio reading "Music Artist / Elite Lyricist", and a lot of his recent tweets talking about a mixtape he dropped on January 2nd, my interest was officially piqued. I promptly followed his direction to "DOWNLOAD NOW!" and got to listening.

Clocking in at a brisk 27:40, my first pass through the mixtape was surprisingly enjoyable. It felt confident, boisterous, and with overwhelmingly strong tracks. The production isn't anything to shy away from either. My second (and third) listen: even better. I started to catch on to the rhythm, to grasp the lyrical flow Chris was aiming for. There is nobody better than Chris. Chris is fire. Chris is a god. If the objective was to exude an otherworldly amount of confidence, he left Earth’s atmosphere three songs in.

When it comes to music, I'm pretty fickle; I'll listen to just about anything once, but I reserve multiple listens for albums that really stand out or connect with me on a deeper level. To get subsequent listens out of me, especially over the course of several days, is an achievement in itself.

This mixtape would fit right in alongside any of the other albums Spotify might recommend to me, but I still feel like I stumbled upon something unique. You can tell this mixtape was a labor of love, that it took countless hours to make. I like to believe that when someone puts this level of work in, I can find something worth paying attention to. Fly Kiid Chris deserves more than 30 something retweets. He deserves more than my attention.

Now excuse me while I go and listen to "GOD LVL" seven more times.

You can follow Fly Kiid Chris on twitter, and listen to his mix tape here.

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