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A little cider and a tarot card reading, past lives welcome

Jan. 29, 2018 at 5:03PM

I received a Facebook event invite from an old high school friend. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking – you get those kitchen gadget, nail stickers, weight loss shake invites, too. This one was a little different. “Tarot and past life readings at Lost Valley Cider Co.” Huh.

My friend Shea has been relying on tarot readings for advice to help motivate her to do things like rid undeserving dudes from her life. Her readings are done through a friend who dabbles in the craft, but she was just talking about having a “professional” reading. Already the fates are aligning.

Tarot Card reader, Skully Sati.
Tarot Card reader, Skully Sati.

Shea agrees to join me and it’s right after work hours, conveniently in Walker’s Point just a few minutes from our offices. We decide to make it a Happy Hour and arrive fresh off a workday, no expectations other than a little entertainment and a drink.

It’s biting cold outside so the warmth and vibes inside Lost Valley Cider Co. were much welcome and the smiling face of an old (aforementioned high school) friend welcomed us at the door. Emily Hall, organizer and reader herself runs us through the options, “Would you like a reading from Skully, gifted Past Life Reader? Or Jen, a gifted tarot reader who is a phone psychic by day, or Shayla, the ‘Urban Hippie’ yoga instructor and reader.” I go with Skully, Shea chooses Jen. Our paths for the night are set.

As we wait for the in-demand readers, we are given a special drink menu for the night. As it is January, all special drinks are “Whole 30” approved and available alcohol-free for the resolute.

We go spiked.

The menu suggests sipping “with intention and think about the benefits and powers you want to influence your future year with the drink you have chosen.” This is all very serious for an after work drink, but it’s effect works and makes the night feel a little more magical. Also, our “Peace & Happiness” cocktails had swirling bits and earthy taste that would be convincing as a shaman’s brew of some kind.

Henna / Tarot Night organizer, Emily Hall.
Henna / Tarot Night organizer, Emily Hall.

Shea and I are both called at the same time for our readings and we part ways. I’m thinking of trying not to let my usual bullshit detector keep me from having fun.

“It’s entertainment!” I remind myself as I take my seat.

Instantly, I am taken aback by the wave of energy seemingly coming off of me and traveling across the table to Skully, the reader of past lives. She smiles and we exchange pleasantries and in my head I’m thinking, “OH okay, this is legit. Here we go!” She inhales like she’s trying to take in a perfume and I feel another wave of energy flowing off my skin and through her and back over my head. I have never had a feeling like this, so I’m thoroughly intrigued before she even says a word.

No tarot cards needed, Skully just gets right to it.

"There are two lives communicating with you now. The first one is a little girl. She died young; you carry a spirit of never wanting to grow up... that's from her."

I like to pretend this isn't true, but she's got me there.

"The next life you made up for it. You're an old man. Like ooooold. Ancient. I see you with a mortar and pestle made of bones." She has her eyes closed while she is stirring something with an imaginary mortar and pestle. She then blows a fake cloud of dust from her palm and suggests this is how she sees this old man version of myself healing people. "People come from all over to be healed. You're a giver. You're a giver now too, but this is the year you need to recharge. Fill yourself, does that make sense?" This is what my friends and even therapist have been telling me lately, so yes... yes it does.

After you explore your past lives, get a henna tattoo!
After you explore your past lives, get a henna tattoo!

"He's telling me you need to take some classes in healing with herbs. You need more magic in your life." At this point I'm not only blown away by the physical sensation of this "reading" but also the fact that I've been hitting up all the herbal apothecaries I can, seeking something I didn't know. The words ring true. I make a mental note to figure out how to take one of these classes. As she ends the session, there is one more thing. "He's yelling at me - 'TELL HER SHE NEEDS A BONE MORTAR AND PESTLE!'" She's mimicking shouting across the void with her hands cupped around her mouth. Okay, so I make another mental note to... find some human bones to fashion a mortar and pestle? This seems very important, but not sure this is an Amazon type item.

Either way, I contemplate the idea of letting in a little magic and letting go of the anxiety I've carried through 2017 of not being in control. Hey, if I light a candle or a bit of sage and give my soul a blessing now and then, and drink to world peace, maybe intent is the way to ease the desire for control. 

I check in on Shea and she has once again been given the advice to get rid of that pesky undeserving dude she can't stop clinging on to. We step back out into the blistering cold and carrying with us a little warm buzz of alcohol and the spirits from the other side setting our dreams and intentions for the year ahead. Maybe next week I'll go to a kitchen gadget party...

Find info on Lost Valley Cider Co. HERE and follow Waxing Gibbous Tarot for reading events.

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