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The Great Depresh is the standup special of the year

Nicholas Pipitone

Dec. 8, 2019 at 5:41PM

There's been a recent trend in standup specials to combine bits of documentary and personal stories with the standup show. Neal Brennan's 3 mics virtually redefined the standup special in 2017. And Jenny Slate took us through her childhood home as we meet her family in between her bits of comic storytelling during her special "Stage Fright." Of these specials, Gary Gulman's "The Great Depresh" represents the gold standard. Gary's bout with deep clinical depression is the focus here, and the scenes with his mother balance comedy and the gravity of the disease expertly. Gulman's standup is high level storytelling, and his delivery is damn near perfect. Gulman's joke about playing high school basketball is so good, it made The New Yorker's top 10 jokes of the year list.