The engine of communities across the USA is creativity. If not for the makers, the communities would be less vibrant, the human experience less enriching, our daily lives less full. Commonstate is a tribute to creative thinkers in every community who believe that a culture of creativity is a better culture for all.

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Articles by Caitlin Knudsen

Propagator of succulents, hobbyist baker, healthcare by day, pug wrangler always.

IKEA, Where Dreams Are Made

I read an article a few years back about how shopping at IKEA was a sign you weren’t really an adult yet. But, if you shopped at West Elm, that was it. Frankly, I think you’re stupid if you trade one for the other and I am vehemently opposed to the assertion your worth comes from which home decor store you are financially able to shop at. 

In Which We Gorged Ourselves Silly

There’s a certain sadness when a beloved restaurant closes, not dissimilar to what it feels like to read a book you become completely immersed in only to have its events and characters leave your life with the turn of the last page. To celebrate our two year anniversary, my boyfriend and I had dinner at Circa 1880.

To mug, with love

There is one thing I hate more than winter: shitty mugs. I’m a mug snob. I’m not ashamed to admit that. As a young(ish) person who recently breached year 30, born and raised in the Midwest, appropriate dishware for combating the winter blues is paramount.

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