The engine of communities across the USA is creativity. If not for the makers, the communities would be less vibrant, the human experience less enriching, our daily lives less full. Commonstate is a tribute to creative thinkers in every community who believe that a culture of creativity is a better culture for all.

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Articles by Nicholas Pipitone

Co-founder, Editor-in-Chief,

What is Esoteric Pop?

It was a moment I vividly remember, circa 1994. Music had not gone streaming yet — we were still virtually a decade away from those realities. Racks of compact discs lined the den walls of music aficionados – clearly before any notions that “we didn’t really own the music” had set in. Napster hadn’t happened yet.

Barry Poltermann

Award-winning editor and film business entrepreneur Barry Poltermann talks about his latest project, “Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond,” the story of the making of Milos Forman’s film Man On The Moon, where actor Jim Carrey literally became Andy Kaufman on and off set.

David Mark Zimmerman

I couldn’t find it at first. I had the address, I was on the right street, but something wasn’t right. There was a huge warehouse in the distance; I’ll drive back there and take a look. It’s 10 AM on a Saturday, and there aren’t a whole lot of people around. The...

Jessica Farrell & Quinn Hester

I joined Jessica and Quinn on the set of their latest music video, a highly emotional piece for Milwaukee band The Listening Party. Jessica directs and Quinn is the cinematographer. They work together better than you’d expect a couple to work together; they get each other in a complimentary way and...

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